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  • 79% of consumers say country of origin of gemstones is important

Join FURA and Create the Future of Gemstones

If you work with emerald, ruby, or sapphire as rough, polished, in jewelry or at retail, FURA invites you to join the FURA Marketing Council and start receiving member benefits that will grow your business. 

FURA, the world’s leading source of responsibly mined emerald, ruby and sapphire is launching the FURA Marketing Council (FMC) with a marketing budget of over US $2 million. 

FMC supports the colored precious gemstone supply chain from rough to retail, connecting FURA product and marketing services to gemstone cutters, dealers, jewelry manufacturers and retailers. Our FMC members are the leading precious colored gemstone companies around the world. Both direct and indirect FURA customers can join FMC. 

Focused gemstone research shows us that 68% of consumers are likely to buy precious colored gemstones in the next two years. We’re preparing companies at every level of the supply chain to be ready to take advantage of the surge in consumer demand.

Here’s how joining FMC will benefit your business and increase your sales.

  • Membership brings you more customers and higher profits
  • B2B and B2C co-op advertising funds and materials 
  • You can participate in FMC gem product promotion initiatives
  • Your company will be promoted and advertised to your customer base
  • Access to new colored gemstone education materials for your team and customers
  • A developed chain of custody procedure for responsible sourcing
  • Customized quality product images and video for your use
  • Expert guidance in product development, sales, and marketing

Managing FMC and providing the member services is MVI Marketing, best known for the North American launch of Champagne Diamonds and operation of the Indo Argyle Diamond Council (IADC) which brought un-parallel growth of the diamond fashion jewelry category worldwide and conducting robust consumer research on all fine jewelry categories.

For product development and retailer relations, MVI has brought on industry veteran, Darlene Smith with independent and major retailer experience.

MVI Marketing is headed up by Liz Chatelain and Marty Hurwitz.

FURA Marketing Council is a paid membership council for companies that work with precious color (or want to) and are in good standing with national or international trade associations. Annual membership dues are between US$1,500 and $25,000 for gemstone cutters, dealers and jewelry manufacturers/wholesalers and is free for companies that only sell on a retail level to consumers.

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